Long weekend.

This weekend was pretty hectic. Went down to the 757 for Demi’s cousin’s baby shower and also Isabel’s cousin’s first birthday party back to back. After that, went to Druby’s as usual to kick it and watch some Walking Dead. Next day, kicked it with Dinks for a bit. Went to Sakura for their all-you-can-eat made to order sushi. Then we took Isabel to the pumpkin patch for her first time. Too bad she was miserable and didn’t enjoy any bit of it. Finally, chilled for a bit in Richmond with good company. I miss that place so much. Mellow Mushroom is so bombbbbbbbb.

I’m surprised at how well the D7100 handles low light. Well, maybe that’s because my previous camera was a Nikon D50 form 2006? LOL. I like how the graininess makes it look very similar to film. I’m still new to this specific camera. I’m finally now starting to get the hang of it. Just not fully. I’m scared to bump it up to any ISO past 1600 since that was the max on the D50 and looked like shit.. But surprisingly, it looks pretty good. Like everything else, in due time. I guess.


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