Watch party.

This past weekend, like everyone else, I watched the fight with my fam. It was a pretty good fight I guess you can say. I know everyone, like myself, was looking for a knockout. Pacquio played it smart, though. He boxed him for the full 12 rounds and didn’t leave himself vulnerable going for too many power punches and trying to get that KO. Loved the dude’s focus and concentration during the fight. Haven’t seen him fight like that in years. Rios’ dumbass was always smiling when Pacquio got a good hit on him. Too bad he wasn’t during the last rounds. smh.

Unlike the rest of my blog, these were shot with a Nikon D800E. OMG… Full-frame is amazing. I miss it. I used to shoot film frequently (which is full-frame), but this is really the first time I shot digitally with an FX camera. I pretty much stole my cousin's camera for the whole night, haha. One of these days I have one of these bad boys.

It was good as always seeing the fam. Took a lot of pictures of Isabel as usual. Every time I saw caleb, he would pose for a picture and cheese so hard. Too cute.

All the pictures were taken before the fight. Can’t be distracted during. LOL.


Oh my jeebus. This is one of my dream lenses. Nikon 70-200mm f/2.8 VR I. First version, second version, doesn’t matter. I will have one of these one day. Too bad I didn’t shoot with it.


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