Out with the old, in with the new. Part 1.

I sold my recently acquired 17-55mm yesterday. I picked up a Canon EOS M with a 22mm f/2. The reason why I got it is simply because of the size. It has the same sensor as the T4i / 650D. For the times when I don’t feel like lugging around a big ol’ DSLR, this will be on me instead. It’s a lot more compact and easier to walk around with for let’s say when I go to work or running errands or something. If you love taking pictures at any time/any place, why not? Maybe this will keep my blog going more fast pace… Or is that a bad thing? Anyways, also picked up a Sigma 35mm f/1.4 and I CANNOT wait for this thing. Oh em gee. But yeah, if you’re wondering how the hell am I getting all this different equipment, it’s just a big cycle of buy & sell, and buy & sell again. You should try it.

The first one is the only one not taken with the EOS M.


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