We meet again.

I predict many TLDNR’s.

I’m back on the West Coast for the second time in 6 months. I usually only go every summer, if that. It feels good to be back. When I first landed in Long Beach for my layover, I was like “Am I really here?” LGB is such a beautiful airport. Small, yet beautiful. You definitely don’t have the hustle and bustle of its neighboring airport, LAX. First time at LGB, and certainly not the last! I miss SoCal. I haven’t spent time in SoCal in exactly 3 years. January 2011. Anyways, I’m here for my aunt’s wedding in Sac. This time, most of my family is here which is dope. We haven’t all been out west in ages. Granted, we’re missing most of my immediate family, but I guess it will do. My flight was at 6:20AM. Left the house at 4:30AM. Stopped by McDonald’s on the way to the airport. I only wanted a sausage, egg & cheese McGriddle, but they ended up giving me that, plus a triple cheeseburger (yeah I know) and 5 piece nuggets. FIVE piece. Hahaha. I guess it was a great way to start 2014 by getting even more fat? Got to the airport, cleared security, and went to my gate. I was sad that Chipotle was closed. I wanted to get a breakfast burrito which are BOMB. I knew they were gonna be closed, though, cause they don’t open ’til 6AM haha but I digress. From Dulles, I went to Long Beach, and from there, I finally ended up in Sac. My aunt wanted to get In-N-Out on the way back lolol. Now I’m sitting here watching/listening to my uncle play the piano in front of his fiber optic Christmas tree. This should be the first update of a few. I will try to update frequently. I think I’ll even start a photo365 thing. I know this is long, so… ‘Til next time!

Rest in peace, James Avery. You were one of the best uncles of all time.

Pictures were taken with a D7100, EOS-M and iPhont 5s. Can you tell the difference?


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