It’s my last day on the West Coast, so I figured why not post an update. I went to SF on the second day of my trip and absolutely loved it. It’s always great to come back. I’m sad though, that I didn’t get to see my fam that lives there. I really just went on a day trip to take some of my VA family sight seeing and to do some touristy things. I’m even more sad that Demilyn and Isabel weren’t with me :( My favorite part was probably driving through the Golden Gate Bridge and taking photos from Battery Spencer. I haven’t driven across the bridge since I was a kid, so it was a nice experience. Papalote was bomb too. Their burritos are always on point. Thanks for showing me this place, Ate Gigi! Anyways, I’m too lazy to write and it’s hard writing this post around my aunts and uncles who keep talking about their damn flights and getting delayed and shit. They always like to freak out for no reason. Hahaha it’s all good though. Woot, Jet Blue for not getting delayed!


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