Another day in D.C.

The Washington Auto Show is back in town! I haven’t been to one of these since about 2001? It was a great experience. This time instead of being a kid, I was with a kid of my own. Let me tell you, it’s pretty difficult to take well composed photos while looking after a toodler. I apologize for some EH photos. I feel like most of them are that, but who cares haha. Anyways, One of my favorite cars had got to be Alfred Morris’ “Bentley”. While Alfy was plying the Pro Bowl in Hawaii tonight, his car was here in DC. A fully rebuilt 1991 Mazda 626. That’s nuts. Attending this car show gave me the sad reality that I would probably never be able to afford any of the nicer cars here.

I know there’s a lot of pictures of the new Mustang, but who cares. Funniest thing though, was when this little boy ran under the belt fence thing and his parents were running around chasing after him.


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