We’re in the 757 visiting fam at the moment, and what better way to take the X-T1 out for some shooting. This is the first time I’ve taken pictures with the camera in daylight. I’ve never been able to shoot anything else since I’m always at work. I absolutely love this thing. I feel that I’m going to actually stick with this one for a while. Definitely more than my previous LOL. The X100 has been sold, so I should be getting a couple lenses soon :). Oh, and guess what! We’re in Daylight Savings Time! Best time of the year! Wooooooh!

Anyways, we met up with Mark and went to Zeke’s which was bomb as F. Their poke is pretty good. It’s dope that we actually have a spot in VA that makes and sells poke. The vibe in there is pretty dope – chill and creative. After that, we went to Mt. Trashmore to enjoy the weather. Isabel had fun playing at the playground. Then, Mark left and we went to Outback and Target. Got some Lego’s. Wooh! K, that is all. Bye.


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