Culture Night weekend.

This weekend, Demilyn and I took a trip to our alma mater for FACT@VCU’s Culture Night. For you West Coast folk, yeah it’s our PCN. I had a lot of fun coming down. Thank you to my parents for watching Isabel this weekend. Hehe. But anyways, the show was dope. Long, but dope. The feels? You could feel ’em. It was also nice seeing everyone again! On the way down, there was mad traffic on 95 South due of a horrible accident. I’m hoping everyone is okay :( It looked even worse inside the SUV. You can tell that there was definitely a family in there. Let’s move on from that though. Following tradition, FACT held its annual Alumni lunch before Culture Night! We’re all old now – talkin’ ’bout jobs and shit. Maaaan, feels weird, but it’s cool doe. But yeah, the actual show was pretty fun. It was nice seeing new and old faces up on stage doing their thing. Afterward was pretty wild, but we won’t go there!

Oh yeah, Demilyn and I raffled off our last Playstation 4 for charity! We raised $425 for Partnership for Families – Northside, and $50 for FACT. It’s always nice to give back.

Thank you for an amazing weekend, FACT!


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