Mmm, chili.

Last night, Demilyn and I decided to take an impromptu trip do D.C. We didn’t know where exactly we were going or what we were going to do. All I know is that I wanted to take some pictures. In the car, instead of deciding to go to our usual pizza place to eat, we figured, why not Ben’s Chili Bowl! Neither of us has been. Out of all the years I’ve lived in the area, this was my first time. Let me tell you, they got some bomb ass chili. The food was great. A bit expensive, but what do you expect? It’s D.C. Aside from culinary activities, I really wanted to snap some photos of The White House, but unfortunately, we got there a bit too late as the lights were already turned off. Anyways, took some pictures of the usual Washington Monument and Capitol Building. I absolutely love D.C. Well it’s kind of a love hate kinda thing. It’s a city, but not a city like San Francisco or New York City. It’s filled with yuppies, but again, what do you expect? It’s D.C.

I absolutely love street photography. It’s my favorite “genre” of photography. I just wish I had the balls to do it. I do sometimes, but then I don’t. Maybe because most of the time I’m on the street, I’m too busy watching my toddler and it’s hard to thinking about snapping some photos. Street photography is different. It’s an observant type of photography. You’re not posing people, you’re not telling people what to do. You’re reactively capturing RAW moments in time that will never happen again. Once you snap a photo, it’s already in the past. There’s no “do-overs”. That’s the challenge of it. I would love to go shooting during the day where there’s an abundance of people. Any of you out there down to do some street shooting? You usually have more confidence when you’re shooting with someone else. Let me know. :)


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