What a day.

What a day forreal. I am exhausted. Today was possibly the worst day to go to D.C. At least Leo and Lauren came up from Richmond this weekend. :) I originally planned to do a photoshoot with my homegirl, Uriah, a couple weeks ago but had no idea it would also be the last day of the Cherry Blossom Festival in the district… DUDE. TRAFFIC WAS RIDICULOUS. We freakin’ missed the whole festival altogether. Took forever to find parking, dumb-ass drivers, pedestrians all over the damn place… It was not fun. First, it took us a good 30+ minutes to find parking for lunch. At least Red Apron Butcher was bomb as f***. Thank you, Leo, for finding it on Yelp. It was a dope place with a dope vibe and atmosphere. I should have took more pictures – especially of the raw meats. Next time I go, I’ll be sure to take more photos because that place is pretty tight. Not to mention, the food is also bomb too. After lunch, we went to the National Zoo. Traffic was a biddyotch there too, but whatevs. It was fun, but pretty hard when you’re taking an almost-two-year-old around. We were only there for 45 mins to an hour. After that, we headed out to American University to take some photos of Uriah’s Filipino org for their PCN. After that, Leo and Lauren left back to Richmond. The fam and I had dinner at BJ’s. Finally… Freakin’ finally, I was able to try a legitimate Pizookie from BJ’s. After hearing all my West Coast friends talk about having Pizookies and shit since forever ago, I was glad they finally decided to open some restaurants here in VA. Pizookies are crack… Cocaine is in the cooke, ice cream, and sprinkled on top. Not to mention that Ghiradelli square. Much yum.

I’m still working on zone focusing while shooting from the hip. It’s fun, but also a great challenge. Only one of the photos came out sharp. Maybe you can spot which ones were taken from the hip?


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