Easter Weekend 2014.

This past weekend was pretty fun. It was a good easter spent with fam. Isabel got a lot of candy an enjoyed her self. Demi’s family and Stefan (Erin’s boyfriend) came up from Suffolk/Richmond to spend easter with Isabel. As always, it’s definitely nice spending quality time with the family.

I also got a new lens this past Saturday :). I sold the Fuji XF 35mm f/1.4 and bought the Zeiss Touit 32mm f/1.8. Ace Photo (the camera shop around my way) was having a “Customer Appreciation” sale, so I was able to save a good amount of money on it. I must say. I like the Zeiss a lot better than the Fuji. Although the Zeiss is 2/3rd’s of a stop slower, it’s focal length and rendering are perfect for me. The 35mm is a 53mm equivalent, while the 32mm is a 48mm equivalent. Those 5mm make a great difference to me. Also, the bokeh on the Zeiss is a bit more “detailed” you could say. While the Fuji had “more” bokeh, it seemed more like mush to me compared to the Zeiss. Anyways that’s all. I tried post processing my images a bit differently this time around. Enjoy.



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