Unagi, anyone?

I spent this weekend down in the 757 with Demilyn and her fam for her niece’s baptism. It was nice seeing her family again. We haven’t seen them in at least a couple of months. It was funny because I was being “that guy” at the baptism whose camera sounded like a machine gun on high speed at 8fps. Might be obnoxious, but at least I got my images! After that, we kicked it with Sean, aka, Dink Master Flex, and Jess. We went fishing behind Jess’ parents house. It was dope. Fishing requires too much patience, which I don’t have. I’m more of a fresh water cast-and-reel kinda dude. When you salt water fish, you usually just let it sit until something bites. FREAKIN’ SEAN CAUGHT AN EEL. It was all last second, too. Right when we were about to pack up and leave, dude pulls an eel out the water. Funniest thing ever. Aaaaaand we decapitated it. We ended up giving it to Jess’ dad for dinner. Anyways, after that, we went to Yard House and Target to pickup Schoolboy Q’s relatively new album. So far, it’s eh. I only like few songs at the moment. I usually have to listen to an album over and over before I really start to like it. I don’t know though. Maybe I’m just not gangsta enough. I was so sad that I forgot to take off my 8x (3 stop) ND filter man. No wonder everything was really dark/under exposed/grainy. But, I’ve learned to embrace the grain. We’re headed up to Richmond later today, so there should be another post coming. :)


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