salty sweet studio.

Today, we went to grab dinner with some good friends from back in the day, Jered and Jess. It’s been a while since we’ve seen them. I remember Jered started Pharmacy school when I got to VCU. Now, he’s done! Damn, time flies. We’re all getting old. I know it’s just a few photos, but I had to post it. Miss these guys!

Also, check out there photography studio and hit them up for your photo and design needs! They shoot weddings beautifully. I hope to one day possibly be as good as them.

Oh, AND WE ALSO SAW NENÊ! It took me a while to gather enough balls to ask him for a picture. Well worth it. I did have my camera on me, but opted for a selfie because they’re cooler. Haha. He was with his – I think girlfriend – having dinner at TGI Friday’s watching the Hawks/Pacers Game 6. I asked him who he wanted to win (meaning who he’s like to play next) and he said it in the most suave way, “It doesn’t matter.” Dude is a nice guy. Cool as ice. Not to mention, his hands are huge!!


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