New room.

This past weekend was exciting and extremely stressful at the same time. We finally got around to painting our room. I’ve been sick of the orange for some time now, but haven’t really cared enough to do anything about it. The main reason why I didn’t like it was because I would take pictures in my room, and they would all be warm and orange. At first, I thought I chose the wrong grey (too dark) but in the end, it’s exactly what I wanted. It definitely makes for better pictures, and a hell of a lot more fun to take it in too. I was originally going to post before and after pictures, but eh.

I also got a pair of Original 1995 Jordan XI’s (Concord). I sold my Fuji 18mm for ’em pretty much. After have a 32mm and 23mm, I feel that 18mm isn’t really necessary for my kit. But oh man, do I even wear these? I want to. They’re freakin’ 19 years old! I put them on and they feel like they still have a lot of life in them. I mean it looks like it, but who knows what will happen after wearing them. I’m hoping for no sole separation or anything like that. Just a few snaps of the shoes. I didn’t really try to take anything serious.


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