Another weekend.

This post is just another post. Eh. For some reason, I’m not too pleased with these photos. I feel like I’m becoming stagnant as a photographer. I know what I need to do, but it’s just harder to do it when you have to give your 100% attention to your toddler first, and your photography comes second! Hey, that’s life so I’m not complaining. I feel like I’m shooting with more of a point & shoot style, rather than taking my time to compose a shot. It comes with the territory though. I can only take so much of my attention off of Isabel without stressing Demi too much. Anyways, enough complaining. I’ll figure a way around it.

This weekend we took a little family outing to Georgetown/DC. We went to Nike DC three different times during the day… I couldn’t make up my mind on what I wanted. After that, we went to Simply Banh Mi. Let me tell you, those people are great. It’s a nice little hole in the wall (Literally. You have to climb down a steep mini set of stairs to get inside.). We were talking about our kids and what not; and how far Ashburn is… Their service was great and the food was pretty good too. I just wish there was more meat in my sandwich. But hey, it tasted good. After that, we went to Jamba Juice for some White Gummi’s. East Coast Jamba Juice’s suck. They’re too watery. I guess nobody really orders White Gummi’s here either becuase they had to keep looking at the directions while making them. Haha.

The worst part of the day – It wasn’t really that bad, but you know what it was. We went to Tyson’s to watch the USA vs. Portugal game at Gordon Biersch. It was great, man. People cheering after every USA goal. The second one was hype. It was funny though. I was in the bathroom changing Isabel’s diaper and you hear the whole restaurant go crazy… BUT DUDE… PORTUGAL AND THE LAST 10-20 SECONDS GOAL…. ARE YOU SERIOUS… We were all so blown after that. Anyways, yeah. Here. Bye.


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